I want to build a business.
I want to be stronger.
I want to be in L-O-V-E love.
I want to be rich.
I want to be successful.
I want to be a good parent.

And then what?

Once your family is connected, sales are fantastic, you’re having impact in your life and work,  you have the house and the car, the relationship of your dreams.

Then what? (picture yourself there – you have arrrrriiiiiiived!)

I can relax.
I feel good about myself.
My family is proud.
I am stress-free.

Then what?

I’m happy.
Life is calm.
I am free.

Then what?

What feeling are you chasing and not having until you accomplish something? You can chase ease. You can strive towards fulfillment (just one more thing, then it’ll be enough and I can relax) or you can DRIVE from being full, today. You can decide today to have ease in your mind and your life. To be happy and enough and…..

I dare you to decide.
You know how – trust  what it’s saying.

Big Love,
D xx