Life is short. Are you awake?

For those who have flown and all that remain in our presence today.

When traumatic experiences happen to us we are taken to the epicentre of our soul. Asking why, while being triggered emotionally on every.single.level. A time of reflection and acknowledgement of their impact and legacy left. We are also confronted with our own mortality and a flurry of ‘what ifs’ and ‘if today were our last day scenarios’.

It leaves me curious, why does there need to be a disaster, disease or death in order for us to stop and have a look at how we are living in our life? To acknowledge the beauty around us and to go get our dreams.

I have experienced death, disease and devastation in my life and I was 20 when I experienced true loss to my core. My Aunt Marilyn, mother #2 aka supernova. It had me stop and wonder what was important in life. It was my turning point in living an awake life, in what empathy truly meant and to tell people who they are to me, while they are beside me.

So, when you are stopped (how about right now), ask yourself;

What is the life I want to live in to? What do I want to create in my life? What do I want more of? And how am I holding that close and in my awareness each day?

Make a huge sign that blinks. Tell everyone who you want to be so they can remind you. Record a message to yourself that you listen to on repeat. So many options and so important.

And, acknowledge the people in your life today and often. Thank them for who they are to you and who they are for the world! From your close people to a stranger ahead of you in line. It is powerful beyond measure and it is the way to love and peace.

Thank you Marilyn, Michelle and Jacob and more recently, Mary and Blake for lighting up the spaces you enter, for igniting people’s hearts and dreams and for soaring like eagles. You my friends are leaders in life.

So much love,