Today’s the day!
No, for real. TODAY I am going to do it.

I am going sign up for that race.
I am going to quit my job.
I am going to book the trip to Nepal.
I am going to stand up for myself.
I am going to tell my special person that I love them.
I am going to do that thing that I keep talking about doing.
I am going to start.

What’s yours? ….Maybe you have 3?!
Write them down on a sticky.

We all have beautiful desires, dreams, and ambitions. The ones that absolutely light us up! And then there’s the delay, the stops and the reasons that these beauties have stayed as ideas quiet in our minds.  Those feelings and those voices from inside and society that are telling us it’s not time, or we’re not ready, or you aren’t ______ enough.

What do you hear?
Write these down on another sticky.

Two stickies side by side. Have a look.
Really have a look.
Thanks for stopping and really looking 🙂

Great big life on one side and a load of bullshit on the other. It’s true! It’s all made up in our mind. And it will keep you from your dreams if that’s what you choose. The crossroads (and I bet the voices are loud now!)…. what to do with the crap story.

Monday was my day to launch my website and I have to tell you, it has been quite the wild ride inside my head leading up to it. From, ‘heck ya it’s happening!’ to ‘what are you thinking? who do you think you are?’. One is woohoo empowering and the other, well it’s fear and that’s just BORING. I’m burning the boring and choosing a HELL YES life.

Burn it. Recycle it. Rip it up. Stomp on it. It’s BS.

Now take your dream sticky and put it on your forehead.

Today IS your day.