We’re separated!! And a celebration of love it is! Getting to this document took a lot of love. It took courage, compassion and trust. It also evoked EVERY emotion along the way. A messy mix of anger, sadness, confusion, disappointment, relief, joy, you name it.

While we decided to end our marriage, we didn’t end our partnership. The boys and the two of us are a family. Forever. Although neither of us envisioned being part-time parents, we both held steadfast in our commitments to our boys and over time, our commitments to each other. For the boys to feel loved, to be solid as rocks for them during the transitions, to be open and to respect each other. And to trust one another.

I was asked how I wanted this to go early on in our separation and my immediate response was that I want the boys to be ok, and I wanted to be friends with Mike within a year. Like joke around friends. We did it (most of the time 😉 and we’re planning a family ski day. It’s possible!!! So our words to you as we venture towards ‘divorce-ville’. Be love, trust and check in on what you’re really committed to.

Big love from us to you xo