So you’re in your life, going to work, making decisions, maybe a mid day adventure, making some more decisions wherever you are, then coming home, having a couple of experiences potentially including a meal then making some more decisions before going to bed.

Ya, re-read that paragraph again. Do you see your life fitting in here? Your day is made up of movements based on decisions. Often these decisions are directed by circumstances or emotions.


You can be super successful and accomplished and on track and this is how your day goes.


My invite, and the untransformed version of me would say, f’ing STOP already. All of you. ALL of you.


Stop. Look around. Look again. Take a breath. What are you chasing?


Our ego is tied to success and impact.

Our heart is attached to happiness.

And in the end, I don’t care who you are, at your core, you’re going for happiness.

You are one step away from what you want.
From moving forward.
From connecting.
From feeling like you have never felt.

From exponential growth.

From all of it.


So slow down. Stop. Look around and take a breath. Then take that step.