“Mommy, can we go to Belfast?”
One year ago Ben requested and today we take flight! Why Belfast? I had nooooo idea either….
That’s where the titanic was built and if you know Ben, you know he loves ships. He has been researching, building, playing and drawing the titanic for about 3 years now. We are going to visit the ship yards, the museum and explore this green country.
When he asked me to go I first asked him what was so special about going to Belfast. Then I thought, how am I going to pull this off? Then I got caught in the logistics of being at a museum trying to read Ben all of the signs with crazy Kirby running around with his hands on the untouchables. And how much will it cost? Ya, my busy brain was turning a simple question into a crazy mess.
So I responded to Ben with a YES! How about next summer?
Fast forward to today… and some gold.
I said yes and still had NO idea how. Mini steps to a macro goal. You don’t need to know how. You just need an idea and to then decide what the first step is. Then the next.
Kids are sponges and the environment we create for them shapes their perspectives. While I am super conscious about certain aspects I create I never know the full extent of which they will have impact…. Or the negative ones (Whops!). This is a sign that Ben is curious and an explorer, something I hope he never loses and I will forever encourage.
Although I’d love to travel to all corners of the globe, Ireland was not on my radar, or a solo trip (and time) with one of my kids. Kids curiosity is a gift. What they get us into is incredible. I mean frick, I’m flying to Ireland today with just Ben! Say whaaaaaa?!?!
And if you’re sitting there thinking that you want to do something and have NO idea how, I am right here… Your friend, your family. I don’t know how either but I sure as shit know that ANYTHING is possible and would love to talk about micro step #1!